Tuesday, July 12

Harley Blog

Yesterday a friend of mine had a cat-related emergency when her tomcat, Leo, was arrested for being a cat-at-large and thrown in jail. After she bailed him out, she asked me if I wanted to go with her to pick out cat leashes and yes, of course I did. I bought a little $4 string number just to see if Harley and Neil would like it or not. I brought Neil out first and he hated it. He was yowling and crying and shaking and miserable, so I took him in pretty quick. Harley loved it, though! I wish we had an actual backyard so I could just let her wander around. She was also really good at coming when I called her and moving with the leash, so I'm hoping one day she'll be able to go on actual walks.

I also finally planted (half of) my herb garden today! I didn't have enough dirt for both planters but I'll pick up another bag tomorrow. I can't wait until they start growing. Well, if they start growing. The last thing I grew was a lima bean in a wet paper towel in elementary school.

Excuse my beauty. I wanted some markers for the planters so I ate 3 popsicles in a row. Running out of dirt was actually a relief because 1 popsicle is great, 2 is okay, 3 is too many and as an added bonus, your tongue turns brown.

Harley doesn't like blue raspberry.

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