Sunday, July 10

In Domestic News...

I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so when baking cookies and cupcakes and pies became popular, I was a little resentful. I like to bake, but I hate having baked goods around the house. I'll either get PMSy and binge on them and feel terrible, or they'll go bad and I'll feel terrible. There's no winning.

Until now. I made meat cupcakes! Okay, that sounds gross, they're really turkey meatloaf muffins, but they're cute, they have barbecue "frosting", and we even ate them with our fingers like you would eat a cupcake. They were the best thing I've cooked all month!

I used this recipe as a jumping-off point. My kitchen was a little ill-equipped for this, so I did a lot of variation and, as usual, winged it. I'm actually mad I didn't do any kind of measurement or recipe-following because these were AMAZING and will definitely become a part of the regular rotation. I think what sealed the deal was the sauce I made: equal parts ketchup and barbecue sauce, about a tablespoon of Sriracha and brown sugar each, a splash of teriyaki and some black pepper.

I know I said I'd be going vegetarian again, but it's been really difficult. I've pretty much cut beef and pork out entirely, but I hardly ate beef and pork anyway. Instead of feeling guilty about it, though, I'm just going to ease into it and shoot for the end of the year as my cut-off date. In the meantime, I'm spending more time and energy on having a balanced diet and tricking my husband into eating vegetables that aren't covered in cheese.

I went thrifting with my friend Sara the other day and got really lucky with picture frames. I found this nice print of some flowers that is now covering a bunch of exposed plaster in our cave/kitchen, and got a really beautiful frame to put my grandmother's portrait in. She fit into the frame perfectly! I felt very lucky. A photo of my dad as a teenager and Kiah's best friend's baby picture were also framed and hung up this weekend.

I've been getting back into being crafty again while I look for a job (6 applications out, 0 phone calls :L) and am working on embroidery, bracelets, and I'm lurking Craftster every day for inspiration and hopefully a fun craft swap to join. What'd I'd really like, though, is a job. I'm starting to get a very deep itch to go shopping.

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