Sunday, July 31

Short Short Story

Before little Mary Morris was born, Mrs. Morris spent her days with Tate, a fawn colored pug whose ribbon collection rivaled that of own. Tate was, of course, procured first as a fashion accessory, as the animals were so popular among the ladies in her circle, but very quickly Tate worked his way into Mrs. Morris' heart. The two were inseparable, and even shared a bed, until Mrs. Morris finally conceived.
Initially, baby Mary was benevolently curious about Tate, often grasping for him and giggling at his barks and whimpers, but Tate never took to Mary. He growled at the baby constantly, and over time Mr. Morris even suspected the dog would kill her. His wife would not discard the animal, however.
When Mary grew a little, she developed the same cruel accord for Tate that he had for her, and would slap or kick at him any time he came near. Tate was just as impetuous the child, snarling and nipping at her any time Mrs. Morris looked away. She tried several times to bond the two in friendship, but it never took. Mrs. Morris' little girl and her little dog, her two greatest loves, would always be rivals.

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