Wednesday, August 3

All the Sweaters

I know this sounds crazy, especially considering where I live, but I'm over summer. I miss my sweaters and boots and pajamas and all my fluffy blankets and snuggling with my family. I miss using my tea pot and wearing fuzzy socks. I miss hats! If I could live in a perpetual state of autumn, I would. It's the perfect season: crispy and cozy and festive. Plus I get to wear all of my favorite clothes. And layers! My God, the layers!

This year, instead of the usual monochrome black-gray-white, I'm going to try to get some color in my wardrobe. I bought some bright cardigans and I have a really great collection of colorful scarves and hats already. I have some emerald green and marled grey tights and some heather grey and royal blue leggings for dresses and skirts. For my go-to jacket, I found a perfect navy blue velvet blazer second hand last spring that I'm excited to get some wear out of. I got super lucky and found a great pair of black Nine West flats for $15 (marked down from $60!) but I'll probably be living in my Justin Ropers pretty quickly since North Dakota autumns can be very wet. I also picked up some nice fall nail polishes today in raspberry, orange, gray and a "graige", which sounds grosser than it really is. I'm also considering a fairly drastic hair cut.
Fortunately I won't have much longer to wait for cool weather. Already the days are shorter here and it's been a bit chilly late at night and in the early morning. Soon my house won't be a sauna when I do laundry and my yoga sessions won't be involuntarily bikramy!

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