Saturday, August 20


I have the awesome skill of being able to pick up all sorts of art and craft projects and somehow make them work. That's totally a brag, but it's true. I have the most fundamental sewing skills and one Halloween, the day of Halloween, I made a whole entire Sailor Moon costume with a v-neck t-shirt and a yard of blue ponte.
I'm amazing at pulling projects out of my ass, but the thing I've tried over and over and can not do is knit/crochet. I make scarves using a loom. I'm a fraud! I wish I had the patience, dexterity and counting skills (I always lose count!) to make scarves and socks and leggings and, more than anything, amigurumi. Here are some amazing amigurumi whales (and patterns you can purchase if you're a better crafter than me) I'd make if I could. But I can not. :(

Teeny grey whale! How is this even possible?!

Amazing humpback whale. Pattern available for purchase, along with a bunch of other great projects!

Another cute pattern. I love the color used for this one.

Wailmer! One of my favorite Pokemon!

I have a whale tag? Excellent!

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