Monday, September 5

End of Summer

Last night we had a book club meeting and then decided to have a million and one cocktails because the next day would be Labor Day (today) which is generally considered by all Americans to be the end of summer. It turned into a fun hat dance party in my living room (see above), the perfect way to close out Summer 2011: the summer I finally got to be married, the summer I moved back to Grand Forks, the summer I drank too much vodka, the summer I didn't get sun burned.

At Target Field in Minneapolis. Twins vs. Tigers. It was so hot and Kiah was grumpy because the Tigers (his team) got rocked by the Twins, but our seats were amazing and I bought a sweet tank top and got a free hat.

Our Fourth of July firework haul. I was so mad that we didn't buy more of the zippy spinny colorful ones!

My friend Megan's dog, Jack, wearing my Army hat. He looks so dapper.

All of these are from the county fair. We had such a blast, rode all the rides, ate all the foods, touched all the cows! I love carnivals!

Various phone photos taken over the summer. Dancing to Katy Perry in a bar, dressed like Robert Smith for a theme party, snuggling puppies and kitties, reading on the drive back from Minneapolis.

And finally, my degree came in the mail! Well, in my parents' mail. It's a little underwhelming, actually, but maybe it will feel more whelming once it's in a frame.

I'm looking forward to fall and winter. Cider, pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, snuggling up in blankets with kitties, snow, boots. It's been chilly lately, everyone's wearing their fall jackets, and we even put a few comforters on the bed. We have a lot planned, a lot to do, a lot to prepare for, but for today we're watching movies and enjoying one of the last sunny days of the year by eating at a local institution for the very first time. An easy day after a busy summer.

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