Tuesday, September 20

Getting Festive!

I've gotten way into paper crafts lately! Aside from the things here, I'm working on another garland and have ideas for more. I can't wait until Christmas, my house is going to be insane.

My friends and I had a potluck birthday party last week and I thought it would be nice to make the birthday girl a bunting. Be warned: If we are friends and there's a birthday party for you, you will be getting a birthday bunting.

This was my first Halloween project. This picture is yucky but it's a garland of sewn felt candy corns! Plus my favorite Halloween decoration ever, Neil! I love having a black cat around right now. He's so festive.

It took about 15 minutes to cut and stitch together each piece. This was my first felt project since I made this DS case, but I really enjoyed working with it. I don't have any ideas for another felt project at the moment, but I keep getting inspired/amazed by this awesome crafter and want to keep working with it.

I've been working on this project for a couple of weeks and finally finished it up the other night while watching Madonna: Truth or Dare on Netflix (Highly recommended, by the way! I can't stop thinking about it.) and I am so so so happy with it! It's my favorite thing that I've made in about a month. They're all made from a template but the details (which were drawn, not cut out) are different on each one, even the glittery bats. The Frankensteins are so cute! I want to make another one with skulls and black cats and something else. Maybe mummies?

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