Tuesday, September 13

I am woefully unphotogenic so this is the only photo of the Ren Fest that I'll be posting here because, well, it makes my case. Despite my inability to look human in a photograph, we had a great time shopping, eating, people watching, everything. I'm sad to have missed the jousting but we got there late and then had about 8 people in our group plus meetups with others and a lot of the day was something of a charlie foxtrot, but overall it was a great trip and a nice way to shut down the summer.
It's been cool for a couple of days and my cats are putting on their winter coats already. I've got a bit of a cold coming so I'm snuggling on the couch, guzzling tea and watching Futurama. I'm almost done with my first batch of Halloween decorations so I'll be posting them in a couple days. I'm really excited! They've been my funnest project for a long time, but I expect this one will blow the whole year's worth of crafting out of the water. I just have to pick a book first!

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