Monday, September 12

Sailor Moon Craft Swap pt. 2

Our trip to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival was excellent and I am so itchy to start sharing my Halloween themed crafts here, but I am pressed for time since we got in late last night and then of course I have to go to work this morning, but I wanted to quickly post what I made for Tanie for our Sailor Moon swap since she finally got my end of the deal.

Here's everything: a Luna necklace, some simple little silver moon earrings (my first foray into jewelry since making friendship bracelets in elementary school) and the coup de grace, the reason it took me so long to ship everything, an embroidered tote.

I was really happy with how this came out. First, had no idea you could use acrylic paint on polymer clay (excellent) and second, it just looks cute. I also tried to make one of Sailor Moon's brooches but it turned out really poorly.

This has been the most involved embroidery project I've done in a really long time and I am really happy with it. I forgot how much I enjoy watching an image come together over time and how great it is to sit in front of a TV or movie essentially relaxing but still getting something done. We were supposed to keep everything simple and under a deadline, but I got this idea into my head based on another project I've done and couldn't shake it. All in all, including breaks, it took season 2 of Parks and Recreation, season 5 of Supernatural, a couple of movies, and a hand full of Futurama episodes to complete.

If you missed it, here is what Tanie made me. Anyway, I've got about 10 minutes to get dressed and ready for work! More later!

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