Thursday, September 1

Thrift Haul

A few years ago a girl I had recently met from Portland said something about how great the second hand shopping in North Dakota was. I couldn't even find the words to tell her how dead ass wrong she was and I still can't. I miss my family, my friends, the mountains, etc., but I miss the second hand shopping probably a lot more. Which is bad, but it was so good in Colorado.
Anyway, since we've got a Ren Fest coming up and I was bored on Tuesday and wanted maxi skirts (and found none! Zero! ND thrifting at its finest...) I've been doing some browsing and have gotten a little bit lucky here and there.

This is probably my best find since I've been here besides our super comfy couch. It's a nicely made coat from Target that looked barely used for $10. It's a bit snug for a medium and I couldn't figure out if I've gained weight or what, but then in taking this photo I realized it's a small. :/

In Colorado every rack of skirts was full of pleated wool plaid skirts. I was certain I'd find something festive for the Highland Fling but this was the only plaid skirt I saw in three stores. I'm going to make it work with a belt situation, boots, a vest and a beret (with the ribbon and the puff ball!) but really, no pleated wool? Nothing? It's like the 70s never happened here.

Refrigerator magnets! I saw these as we were leaving and snatched them all up. I love the fish! Our fridge is such a weird, gross heap of garbage already so they've made perfect additions (see below). At another store I found this brand new Invader Zim necklace. My sister likes that show, especially the little dog/alien thing that the necklace is of (Gir) so I bought it for her. She's 15, though, and I'm afraid that she's already ~over~ Invader Zim and I'm going to look like a tool.

The fridge modeling its new magnets. We should probably put some more garbage on this thing, huh?

Between two thrift stores and a used bookstore we've gotten a handful of new books even though I put a moratorium on buying books three months ago when we spent $120 on a huge stack. Kiah and I are really bad at books. It always goes exactly like this: I'll find a few books I'd like but only really want one, so I'll put the rest back because I'm practical and an adult. Then I'll see he has about seven books. So I grill him about it like, "Are you going to read all of these? You better read every single one of these books. You have too many unread books." Then he gets all crabby and short with me so I'll get mad and go back and find all the ones I only sort of wanted because I'm not actually practical or an adult and if he gets a big pile of new books then I want a big pile of new books too. And that's why moving is going to suck for the rest of our lives. Here's what we got:
Rhiannon by Roberta Gellis
Sailor Moon Stars Vol. 3 by Naoko Takeuchi
We by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Sin in the Second City by Karen Abbott
Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison
The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
Ar'n't I a Woman? by Deborah Gray White
The Waterworks by E.L. Doctorow

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