Monday, October 3

Halloween Reading

I'm the kind of person who loves a good theme and October is the perfect month me and others like me. All of my projects this month are focused on Halloween costumes, I'll be doing a Halloween-themed guest post on another blog, I'm Halloween party planning with my friends, and my stack of books to read this month is nothing but spooky.

For book club we decided to read something scary so we picked World War Z. I'm pretty over zombies so I wasn't too excited to read it, but I'm about 200 pages in and it's been a really fun novel. The way the story of the zombie war is presented through short vignettes by different people from all walks of life from all over the world has really kept me interested, even if some of the characters are extremely contrived. I'm really excited to talk about the book with the club because I just know the conversation is going to veer off into zombie contingency plans and ridiculous theories.

I read The Haunting of Hill House in 2009 for an American Gothic Literature class at college. The class was the best I've ever taken, and the novel was the scariest thing I've ever read. No lie. The dialogue was amazing, the tension was perfect, and the spooks were unforgettable. I read the book before the class even started and spent the entire semester dying while I waited for my classmates to pick it up. The day we were all officially finished and sat down to discuss, every single person had huge, wide eyes and a tale to tell about being terrified late at night while they did their homework. I wrote an essay on the book that really needs another edit, but you can read it here if you're interested.

My recent interest in classic children's and adventure lit has lead me to Robert Louis Stevenson, who I've never read before, but this short story sounded eerie and gross. If it goes well and the writing is tolerable Victorian and not absurd, holy-crap-get-to-the-point Victorian, I think I'll look into The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

To round everything off I've got a copy of The Witches. When it comes to horror, I really like to have a palate cleanser (which is why I'm reading a few pages of The Last Unicorn every night after my World War Z reading) because I am a huge wiener. Kiah has been spending a vast majority of his free time watching scary movies and when I decide to join him I always insist we watch something light afterward. (After watching Event Horizon on Saturday night, I picked Dirty Dancing to help wash it down.) I'm concerned that I picked the wrong book, though. I saw the movie a few times as a kid and I remember it being kind of disturbing, and that rhino and the aunts from James and the Giant Peach weren't exactly not scary, so we'll see how it goes.

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