Monday, October 10

More Halloween Crafts

My friend Mike and I are throwing a pretty elaborate, probably out-of-our-league Halloween party and decided to be fancy and make invitations. These are the ones I made. I am so sick of crafting!!! These really sucked the life out of me for some reason. I think I just need a night off with a book and I'll be ready for more.
My favorites are the lagoon creature (green and blue, furthest left on the top), the owl (green and orange, furthest right on the top), the Frankenstein's monster (pink and green, two down from the owl), and the werewolf (green and orange, second from the left on the bottom). Click to enlarge.

Kiah got it in his head that we need to live in a spook house and has been making silhouettes to hang in the windows. Here are a few of them drying, but I think this is only half of what he plans on making. We have a lot of windows! He was inspired by some images we've seen floating around on Tumblr and what not, so no links to the exact house that gave him the idea, but here is a Martha Stewart tutorial. He is not doing them as elaborately as she is, however.
On Saturday we also bought tombstones for the yard, orange lights and a pumpkin. I'm looking forward to seeing how everything looks together and especially to having the scariest house on our block, but I am not looking forward to having no natural light in the house until November 1st.

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