Tuesday, November 1

Coming Down from Halloween

Halloween is over! And I couldn't be happier. Between getting my costume together, decorating our house and my friend Mike's house (which can be seen in the background), and Kiah's shenanigans and near-constant horror movie watching, I'm done. I'm over it. Thankfully it only happens once a year.
I was a lion tamer with see-through pants (they were a lot more substantial without the flash of a camera...) and Kiah was a clown. I was going to make little felt manes for Neil and Harley but never got around to it. I was also not supposed to have see-through pants but the sequin shorts I ordered vanished in transit. I had to make these from some $3 crap fabric in haste. Thankfully, my nice glittery shorts showed up the day of Halloween, so guess who's wearing sequin shorts this Saturday on her 25th birthday? (Hint: It's me!)
Anyway, stay tuned for Thanksgiving and Christmas party planning and decorations posts, because the holidays are not over yet. Halloween was nothing compared to the outrageousness that will be Kiah and Rhiannon's First Annual Ludachristmas.

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