Wednesday, November 23

True Life

If I were the subject of a documentary it would be about how I work 40+ (this week was about 53) hours a week for a globally renowned company and it's completely and utterly devastating my home and social life. I don't want to say I hate my job, but I hate how little time I have to do all the things I love doing, including posting to this blog.
I can't tell if I'm just being whiny or if it's legitimately troubling that I can barely can find the time to cook meals for my family, paint my nails, clean my house, spend time with my friends, or read.
Either way, whining or not, I'm sorry I have been extremely scanty about posting. I will try to be better.

Speaking of documentaries, I'm addicted. Here's what I've been watching when I can get a minute.

Frontrunners was about some kids at a high school in NYC running for class president. It wasn't especially thrilling or anything, but what made it entertaining was how much I disliked and was irritated by one of the kids. I'll let you guess which one it was.

I thought this one was going to be about modern American swingers, sort of like what Louis Theroux did on Weird Weekends. What American Swing was actually about was a swing club in NYC in the 70's that was pretty gross but a lot of people really liked. I had a lot of Boogey Nights flashbacks watching this one.

A Man Named Pearl was not especially thrilling or engaging, either, but it was nice. Definitely worth watching if you're ever feeling crummy about the world.

It must be so easy to make documentaries in/about New York City. Nursery University was about nursery schools in NYC. It sounds sort of lame, but I was tearing my hair watching it. I still start to feel a little horrified thinking about the insanity depicted in this movie.

I Think We're Alone Now follows two very different people who are united by one very odd passion: they are both obsessed with 1980's pop singer Tiffany. As my friend Katie put it, "Every time you think they can't get any crazier, they do." This film was proof that being famous is terrible because if a Q-lister like Tiffany has a few crazies following her around, imagine how many Jennifer Aniston has.

Errol Morris did an earlier documentary that has been called one of the greatest films ever made. I haven't seen it, but I have seen Vernon, Florida. Which was kind of boring. I liked it because I have ties to the backwaters of the panhandle (I actually used to visit Vernon. I once saw a dog kill an armadillo there.) and because the old man in this clip, one of the subjects, is a backwoods Southern staple I've come across many times. He reminds me of my grandpa a little.

This was actually extremely unsettling for a number of reasons. It was skewed (no discussion of the gay porn industry, obvious bias) and felt a bit like it was someone's graduate thesis, but there was a lot of truth in The Price of Pleasure. I would like to see a really unbiased, frank documentary about pornography but I don't think it's even possible to make one.

In 2006 this guy ran for governor of Minnesota, claiming that he was a vampire and a Satanist and a witch. Okay so that's a good start, but I can't even begin to tell the rest of the absolutely insane story that is Impaler. This is available for free on Hulu and is on Netflix Instant right now and you need to watch it.

Kiah really likes Stephen Fry and suggested I give Stephen Fry in America a try. First, I love when British people come to America and try to capture America and American culture on film. I think they do it in such a sweet way that they can show the absurdity of it right next to the magic. Second, Stephen Fry is so delightful. Absolutely perfect for a day on the couch with the cats.

Of course, this is only the beginning. I have tons of documentaries lined up to watch on my Netflix account and I plan on spending the next 2 days (and hopefully the rest of winter) crafting and learning about the world and crazy people and New York City. Do you have any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

Religulous, Ancient Aliens, One Nation Under God, We Live in Public, Confessions of a Superhero

Rhiannon Admidas said...

I've been meaning to check out We Live in Public because I wrote a short story about an art installation really similar to the one featured in the doc. Kind of weird!