Sunday, December 25


It's Christmas and we've been doing nothing but being hideously lazy and watching Christmas movies and drinking and eating. Here are our first annual Christmas Eve pizzas! I used this recipe for the dough.

Christmas Eve pizza has been a tradition in my family since I was very little. My mom came up with the idea because apparently having two children on Christmas Eve can be a little stressful. To keep my brother and I out of trouble, she would let us open two presents (always, always, without fail, Christmas-themed pajamas and a new ornament to put on the tree) and then we set to work kneading dough and trying to sneak pepperonis.
It was really nice being able to begin the tradition anew with my husband and cats. Plus the pizzas were the bomb! Clearly.

So Merry Chrimbus and Happy Holidays from me and Kiah and Neil and Harley. I hope you're snuggly and cozy and enjoying your day off with movies and love and cats.

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