Sunday, December 18


First order of business, I quit my job! I'm going back to school! I promise not to neglect this blog anymore!

Second order of business, Chrimbo! Kiah and I got way into Christmas way too early. Neither of us is religious, but we both love themes and holidays and celebration. We set up our tree before Thanksgiving and have spent the last week making decorations for our first ever Ludachristmas party, which was Friday.
We made home made mini pizzas, there was a table set up to make ornaments and another set up to decorate cookies. We did a secret Santa gift exchange and everybody got to open up presents. Kiah and I stuffed any stockings that were brought over with chocolate, mini bottles of liquor, toys, makeup, and a few items that came from a store you have to be 18 to enter.
As a whole, I'd say it was a pretty excellent party. No cats escaped, no glasses were broken, and before I woke up the next day my amazing husband cleaned up the whole entire house. Happy Ludachristmas!
I didn't take any pictures at the party, but here are some of the decorations that survived the night.

Kiah came up with this idea to put Santa hats on the photos in our living room. I especially like the beard on the baby photo of our friend Steve.

But this one is my favorite of them all.

There is almost no snow on the ground in our town right now, which is absurd because we live in North Dakota. Kiah also came up with this idea to make our living room snowy.

We made tons of snowflakes to hang up and put these little icicles in the doorways. My living room is the only place in Grand Forks that qualifies as a white Christmas. (You can see Kiah in the background making cookies.)

Even the squid got a Santa hat, hand sewn by my husband.

Dining room Christmas tree! One of our guests made an obscene ornament that I forgot to take down before taking this picture. See if you can spot it.

Another ornament made that night. I wish I knew who made this! It's super cute. Love the leopard print.

I made this last year for Kiah when he was in Qatar and threw it on the tree. It's not very Christmasy but it's my favorite ornament on our tree.


Tanie said...

Love it! And Kiah is like a crafty decorating super genius husband, I'm kind of jealous.

M. said...

This is amazing and I second what Tanie said.

Rhiannon Admidas said...

Thank you! I'm pretty proud to have such a rad husband.