Wednesday, December 21

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Cosmetics companies will sometimes create special edition product lines that center around a certain series or character, for example Tarte's True Blood line and MAC's Wonder Woman line. Or, sometimes a brand-specific line will spring up that centers around a character, like Hello Kitty at Sephora. The products in these lines will be based entirely around their theme, from the color palette to the packaging and the names. Sometimes there's even a scent designed to represent the series. Here are a few characters or series I would like to see in cosmetics form.

Pendelton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, once actually tweeted about wanting to create a makeup line centered around Lumpy Space Princess. I like the idea, and I love LSP, but there are so many awesome princesses in the Adventure Time series that it would be a bummer to see them not used in a cosmetics line. I love the idea of the glittery pastel and purple eye shadows and nail polishes that LSP would bring to the table (all scented like candy), but I need a Hotdog Princess lipstick, shaped like the Hotdog Princess, and a shimmery green Slime Princess gloss that goes on pink. Ooh and Wildberry Princess blushes! Not to mention the excellent Fionna and Cake episode. Imagine a little Root Sword lipstick!

The Venture Brothers primarily features male characters, but its female characters would make a great, varied product line because they're so diverse. Dr. Girlfriend has a pink, 1960's sexy nurse/Jackie O. thing happening and in one episode even says she wears MAC's Pink Poodle because she gets a Guild discount. Her products would be soft, 1960's pinks in cheek, nail and lip colors. Later, when she becomes Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, her color scheme changes to black, yellow and orange, like a Monarch butterfly, which could be difficult to factor in, but I think nail polishes and eye shadows would be fun. Molotov Cocktease is a sultry Russian assassin who would make an excellent reference for a rich, red lipstick and bold, black eyeliner. Triana, the teenage goth daughter of Dr. Orpheus, would also make a great lipstick, but purple, and a nice matching eyeshadow.

Part of the appeal of Sailor Moon is that there are about 50 unique, beautifully designed characters with different personalities and back stories. They all even have their own special colors assigned to them. For the sake of a makeup line, it kills me to imagine cutting the other characters because the possibilities are boundless, but the focus would have to be on Sailor Moon herself. What's nice about that is that Sailor Moon has various incarnations: she's a teenage girl (bright and bubblegum pink lip glosses and blushes), a super hero (red, blue, yellow and glitter with little moon and star flecked nail polishes) and an ethereal, majestic queen (soft, shimmery white eyeshadow, subtle but glimmering lip glosses, warm, moonlight-like highlighters). I'd also love a Sailor Moon-themed scent. Usagi, sugary and sweet, Pretty Soldier, spicy and strong, and Serenity, cool and clean. Add a body shimmer and package them in crystal-like containers. Oh God, the packaging alone would be to die for. Have you even seen the Sailor Moon arsenal?

A Sandman line would obviously have a goth slant, but if they can pull off a True Blood line that's vampy without being unwearably campy, then a Sandman line can work. There are lots of great female characters in the series (Nada, Rose, Calliope, Wanda, Barbie etc) who would be great inspiration for a makeup line, but in order for there to be focus, I think the line would have to center around the Endless. There would be lots of smoky blacks, grays and purples for eyes, nails and even lips, but I think it would be important to keep shimmer and glitter in mind. Morpheus' eyes are often like two stars, so glittery eye shadows and star-flecked nail polishes. Desire would make great red and dark fuchsia lipsticks, of course, and Delirium could offer some bright splashes here and there with neon green, yellow and pink nails and eyes liners or mascaras.

My favorite thing about Shakespeare's works is that they're so abstract and malleable. Any play can be anything. It would be work to tie his characters to a pallette, because everyone has their own ideas about what certain characters look like and represent, but it would be worth doing. Juliet could have a rosy pink lip and cheek stain attached to her name, and Titania an iridescent nail polish, highlighter and eye shadow. Ariel always seemed to me to be a creature of the wind and sea, the color of foam, so soft, shimmery greens and blues for her. Portia, of course: gold, silver and a heavy lead gray. Lady Macbeth: blood red (I'd like to see something done with the Weird Sisters, too, but all I can think that's appropriate is a sachet of herbs, twigs, bones and salt). Ophelia's palette would be the colors of fennel, columbines, rue, daisies, and violets. Everything would have to be beautifully packaged in lace, gold and embroidered silk.

Are there any series or characters you would love to see in a beauty line?

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