Monday, January 23

Another Book I Loved

Yesterday I finished reading We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson for the second time. I love this book. I wouldn't want to say it was my favorite, because I have loved a lot of books, but this one is special.

The story is about two sisters, an invalid uncle and a cat who are living a very secluded, scheduled life several years after the oldest sister, Constance, is acquitted of murdering most of her family by putting arsenic in the sugar bowl.

Younger sister Merricat narrates the story and is extremely strange and disturbed. She spends a great deal of the book burying things, running around with her cat, Jonas, practicing her own brand of magic, saying whimsical, absurd things at the wrong time and wishing people dead.

It's such a twee, lovely, disturbing, dark book and I will probably read it a dozen more times if not once a year until I can't stand it anymore. I wish it could be turned into a movie by Hayao Miyazaki or Wes Anderson. Yes, it is that whimsical. But dark!

Here is the first paragraph.

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