Sunday, January 22

The Forbidden Love EP

I wrote a story. I don't love it but this is actually the second piece I've written this month which is more than I've done in about a year or so. Feels good. Anyway, I think it deserves the song that inspired it, so it's there at the bottom.

It was late May and finally turning to Summer and all the mud from the snow that melted in Spring was finally drying up. I was seventeen and school was out and when it started up again I'd be a senior and for the first time in my whole entire life the boy I liked liked me back.

Like it could even get any better, he was 19 and had a car and would drive me around wherever I wanted and bought me cigarettes and sometimes he brought me to parties even though I knew and he knew some of his friends didn't like me.

One time he even bought a CD I was looking for. He bought it for himself, but I knew it was really for me because I said something about it and why else would he just buy that CD? It wasn't even a whole album even, it was an EP, and I saw it in his car one day and I just knew he really liked me even though he hadn't really said anything about it except that he thought I was cute, but he was drunk so it didn't really count.

One time we were talking and joking and he made me laugh so hard and I said, because I said it a lot to my friends but never really meant it, "I love you!" and I felt so embarrassed because it was like the first time that maybe I actually did.

He took me to a store one time and I searched and searched for a new CD he would think was cool and think I was cool for liking. I wanted something that would make me stand out, you know? Like something that most girls didn't like or wouldn't know about, but boys did and so I'd be different. When I finally found just the thing, something screaming and loud that I would hate in six months, he actually wasn't that impressed at all and I had to pretend that I hadn't made a mistake and act like I really liked it even though I only sort of did.

One time he said I was a mermaid, which was silly because we weren't near the ocean or anything. I don't think we ever even went swimming together.

Of course it didn't work out.

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