Wednesday, January 18

I'm Still Not Dead!

Sorry for the lack of posts! December 31-January 1 were spent as best as you can imagine. I wore a glittery crop top and woke up crying. Happy New Year! On the 3rd, Kiah and I flew down to Colorado to visit my family. We just got home four days ago and I've been busy cleaning up the house and getting things back in order.
In the background of all this celebration and traveling, I decided to apply to grad school! My application is due February 1st, so a lot of my free time right now is being devoted to writing, getting things in order, pleading with people to write me letters of recommendation and re-reading a few books so I can re-write an essay.
I'm probably going a little overboard on this, but I've never applied to graduate school, so I'm nervous.
There probably won't be too many updates the rest of this month, but maybe I'll try to get a post in of the cute dresses I bought in Denver. Until then, here are my cats being the best.

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