Wednesday, February 1

Archie Loves Valerie

I was never a big Archie reader until I moved in with Kiah. He likes to keep a few issues on hand in the bathroom. They're perfect toilet reads: short, light, and fun. What's really interesting is that some of the new issues have been controversial. With story lines about gay teen Kevin Keller and even a storyline where Archie dates black Pussycat Valerie, things in Riverdale have gotten real.

Today there were two more Archie announcements that are risque for a comic book that generally has stories about chili cookoffs and homework assignments. First, Bleeding Cool published a rumor that there would soon be an Occupy Riverdale issue. Second, and most exciting to me, Archie and Valerie have a baby!

Aside from mixed race people generally being prettier and healthier than everyone else (pardon my *hair flip*), this is super exciting because I am the product of two people who are just like Archie and Valerie: a hapless, freckly ginger white boy and a cool, curly haired black girl. This is silly, I know, but when it comes to my racial makeup I often feel like a huge outcast. It's so cool, and rare, to have something like this to relate to. And even though their kid looks nothing like me (or my brother, even), it's still awesome that there's a ginger and a black girl in popular culture and they're in love and they have a baby, like my parents.

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