Thursday, February 23

Things I've Been Making

Being unemployed generally sucks, but I've been getting back into making stuff, so that's awesome. Aside from a few small holiday decorations, I went several months last fall without making a single thing, not even a drawing. Not that my livelihood depends on it or anything, but it makes me really happy to hold something in my hands that I've thought up and brought to fruition. And I'm really glad to have something to show off again.

I've posted before about wanting to make some award ribbons a la Sandra b., who clearly knows what she's doing, and I finally got around to it. Mine are more experimental and cluttered, like a child made them. They also take way longer to finish than I thought they would. I'm going to keep working at this and try out some paper ones to give to my friends at our next book club meeting (Worst Member shall be awarded! I'm so excited for somebody to get told by a crafted ribbon!) but for the time being, these babies are for sale on my Etsy. You know you want to be the Taco Belle.

A few weeks ago I read this blog post and thought, "Oh! Wonderful! I know how to sew! I should make a bunch of simple little sundresses for spring and summer!" Only I have this mental illness where I think I can do and make anything I want without needing to know anything about it beforehand. For example, I keep telling my husband I'd make just as good a carpenter as he is without any of the years of training or experience he has. He thinks this is a cute joke. I am dead serious.
I made this dress without a pattern. It looks okay. It's functional. But it's a sack. A beautiful fuchsia linen sack. After spending 4 hours on this thing and making 3 trips to the store for obvious notions like thread, I have to take this sack apart (seam ripping: I'd rather die) and buy an actual pattern. I'm never going to make it on Project Runway. I am, however, still an excellent carpenter.

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