Tuesday, February 21

True Life II

If I were the subject of a documentary today, the focus would be how I'm a totally boring housewife whose primary functions are cooking, exercising and half-heartedly looking for a dog and a job. Sometimes I play my ukulele and make things (more on that later). I guess the good news is that my application is finalized and in the hands of the graduate admissions board and, as a whole, I'm content with my life. It's cold out, why would I want to do anything more exciting than making soup and watching more documentaries?

Host/hostess clubs are really big in Japan. You go in, pick a host or hostess, and basically pay them for a great date. The Great Happiness Space documents a popular host club in Osaka and interviews both the hosts as well as their clients. An important ethical/moral question rises in the documentary, but I'm very on board with host clubs. I would totally pay an attractive, clothed man to spend an hour telling me how beautiful I am. Sometimes you need that.
This video is the last 5 minutes of the film because I couldn't find a trailer. There are no spoilers, just a bunch of sleepy dudes.

After a really poorly reviewed spring collection, Isaac Mizrahi plans his 1994 fall collection and talks about movies to a camera crew for an hour. My husband hated Unzipped, but if you like fashion at all, this was worth a watch.

The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia
really brought me back to my Florida days, only I never spent any time in prison, snorted pills in front of my mother, had a child taken away from me by the state, or saw any of my male family members' genitalia. If you love white trash even half as much as I do, watch this movie.

So these guys asked people all over the world to document themselves on July 24 2010 and then send them the tapes. They received an obscene amount of footage from a bunch of countries, chopped it up and made Life in a Day. There are a lot of really beautiful, sweet, silly moments in this film. Perfect for reaffirming your faith in humanity.

was really boring and I can barely remember any of it except how horrific ballet is.

I've been on an early 90's pop culture kick lately and this was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Paris is Burning documents a group of New York City drag queens who come together to compete in balls. Remember voguing? Yeah you do.

Speaking of appropriated dance moves, if you haven't seen Truth or Dare, you need to do it. Madonna is an amazing, psychopathic diva from Venus and we're lucky to have her.

And finally, another diva we're lucky to have. Strange Powers follows one of my my favorite song writers, Stephin Merritt. If you don't know the Magnetic Fields, you're seriously missing out. Merritt is absolutely one of the most talented men in music today. This documentary shows the band as they work and tour and disassemble a bit when Merritt moves to California after a lifetime on the East Coast. A must see for Magnetic Fields fans and anyone who wants me to think they're cool.


emily said...

Good luck on your applications!

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Thank you!!