Tuesday, March 6

2012 S/S Tiger Dogfarts Lookbook

It's getting to be that time of year and I'm getting antsy for warm weather and sleevelessness. So of course it's time for my annual Fake Fashion Blog where I highlight all the things I'm excited to wear. This year I'm embracing patterns and accessories in full force.
I've amassed a small collection of jewelry over the last year thanks to my husband (including an amazing aventurine cocktail ring and cat earrings) and am looking forward to trying things like The Spring Scarf (which has always been a little obscene to me as an inhabitant of the Midwest; scarves are for winter!) and Colored Sunglasses.
As for patterns, I'm trying to get away from florals and into anything else. I'm especially into this bug shirt I bought from Zara, anything cutesy (but done subtly) like lips, hearts or stars, and interesting spots and stripes.
For shoes, I'm doing cheap canvas plimsoles. I have white, black and now mint, which I can't wait to break in (still too wet). I'm also considering a pair of printed ones. I know I said I was avoiding floral, but I'm loving my black pair from Target, so I've got my eye on these. If I need anything fancier than sneakers or flip flops, I bought flatforms. Don't hate; participate. I have been a fan of the flatform since 2005 when Marc Jacobs tried to pass off patent leather clunkers as wedges. This year I'm in love with these and these, but the price is so wrong for shoes I'm going to be drunk in, so I'm camping until I spot a sale. I also have some crummy wedges from Target that I'm tempted to cover in glitter, but I can't decide what color glitter. Green? Maybe all the colors?
Other things of note: black skin-tight capris, knotted t-shirts and sleeveless blouses, maxi skirts paired with hangovers, terrible ukulele songs, cleavage, green and pale blue denim, a straw fedora (call the cops), Premium Grain Belt and probably just as much vodka. I'm calling it:

A 1980's Mad Cap Summer Camp Romp but Set in the 1960's (There Will Be an Alien) -or- Pre-Johnny Baby and Post-Abortion Penny Raise a Baby and It's Me

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