Thursday, March 1


This has already been a whirlwind of a week and it's only Thursday. Kiah started his schooling for his promotion in the Air Force on Monday, I started a new job working at a sushi restaurant on Tuesday, and on Wednesday (yesterday) I found out that I've been unofficially accepted to the M.A. program I applied to last month!
It sounds pretty lame, but it's been my dream since high school to teach reading and writing and I can't believe I actually get to do it next fall! I'll probably have all the idealism and fantasies about teaching that I have sucked out of me in the first week, but I'm even excited about that.
I still have not popped a bottle of champagne in celebration, but it's coming. I think I deserve it.

In other news, after speaking to a friend over the weekend about going back to school, I got a little nervous about my writing and critical thinking. He kept saying, "You have to stay sharp. You have to stay sharp." Outside of my book club and this blog, I am not staying sharp, so I decided to do this 30 day writing challenge I found on Tumblr. I'm on day four now and am having a really fun time with it, so much so that I'd like to find more little prompts like this and just keep going after the 30 days are up. If you're interested, you can check out what I've been writing here.

I have so many posts queued up in my brain and I'm planning to be a better blogger this month, so stay tuned!

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