Friday, April 6


A friend of mine recently threw a masquerade party for his birthday (which is an excellent idea for a party and I'm so mad I didn't think of it!) for which I made this mask. I had a little craft cat mask and thought I'd just paint on it, but I didn't like the shape enough so I paper mached it into this. It was the first time I'd paper mached since elementary school and it was so fun! It took a lot of time and it looked like Batman's mask, but after a while I got it whittled into a more feline shape. When it was dry I painted it with craft acrylic and added some painted-white craft wire whiskers. I really want to make more paper mache stuff but I don't know what. Maybe I should make a pinata for Cinco de Mayo?


Stezie88 said...

Dude! I want to make a deer head. I found an easy to make base where you slide foam into foam, but I want to paper mache on top of it to make it look realistic-ish before painting it. Let's have a paper mache party. Maybe then I can learn how to spell mache.

Rhiannon Admidas said...

I'm definitely down for that, but I want to do it outside so we have to wait for a nice, warm day. I did this little mask in the house and the mess was huge and gross.

Stezie88 said...

Sounds good. It'll give me time to make the foam deer thing so I'll be ready to gunk it up.