Thursday, April 26


I am currently on vacation with my husband visiting family in Ohio. We've been to the Toledo Museum of Art, the Toledo Zoo, Comerica Park in Detroit to see a Tigers game, got in some bowling, and have been drinking about a hundred beers.
I never had any interest in Instagram until this trip. When it became available for Android, I could not care less. I've never been into photography and the camera on my phone is primarily used for pictures of cats. However, on Monday my brother-in-law bought a bag of goldfish and I just needed to make an artsy fartsy (my specialty) photo of them. I know I'm tardy to the party here, but ever since the goldfish (pictured above), I've been obsessed.
I know it's not very cool of me to be so into Instagram, but my downloading it has been a really good thing. My husband and I are always complaining to each other about how we don't take enough pictures of the cool things we do, and in the last three days I've been documenting our days like a crazy person. So I'm sorry (but not sorry) that this kind of thing will probably become a regular installment on this blog.
If you're interested in finding me on Instagram and being picture pals, my username is tigerdogfarts.

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