Wednesday, May 23

Fashion Show at Lunch

Something I've always wanted to include more of on this blog is fashion posts. I really like clothes and wearing them, and am often jazzed about my outfits. However, I rarely post them for several reasons, including: I'm Lazy, I Feel Like A Dork Taking Pictures Of Myself and Fashion Posts Are Usually Super Boring. However, since Instagram I've been pretty keen on camwhoring, and I have an excess of pictures of me wearing clothes on hand.
So, here's the compromise: Every time I have 8 Instagram pictures of outfits, I will post them here. I will not tell you what each and every item of clothing is or where it was purchased (It's all crap, but you can ask if you're super curious.) but I will tell you why I look stupid every time. This time it's because why is my head so oddly shaped?
As always, click to enlarge, and if you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is Tigerdogfarts.


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Sydney @ Crepes of Wrath said...

I love the yellow dress! Yellow is my favorite summer color - I just did my nails yellow last night, actually.