Tuesday, May 15

It's starting to bother me how easily people keep saying that in the future, we will look back at the "gay marriage debate" (Debate? Issue? Why are we even calling it that? Even the language that we use to discuss it is weirdly sterilized. Why aren't we saying what this is: A civil rights movement.) and say with a guffaw and an eye roll how strange it was and that gay marriage wasn't ever even a big deal and that the whole debacle was embarrassing. Chris and Jim down the street are married and nobody even bats an eye at them.
Saying that or anything along those lines is the sort of reaction a 13 year old would have to a lecture about the civil rights movement of the 1960s: "Why couldn't they just let them vote? Why didn't they just let black people live their lives? My friend in another class is black, I would never tell her she wasn't allowed to vote."
You're not seeing the bigger picture and you're not understanding that the ugliness that the movement (either movement) is trying to bring to the surface is that we live in a country where we're all supposed to be equal and allowed to live as we choose assuming that our choosing doesn't hurt ourselves or others, and certain people can't even do basic things like get married or participate in elections and are even afraid to go certain places or do particular things, and it's not just because there's a hand full of uneducated buttheads who "don't like that kind," it's because the government is institutionalizing the mindset of "that kind" and creating an environment where you're an American and have rights or you're black or gay or different in some way and you just live here.
And I hope that one day the entirety of the United States will be populated by people who don't bat an eye at their gay neighbors and even invite them and their kids over for barbecues, but it's been almost 60 years since Emmett Till and people are still murdering black teenagers and getting away with it, so maybe I don't have a lot of faith in that.
This errant political rant (sorry) brought to you by this hideous headline (the first thing I read this morning): Vote by Republican Rep with Gay Son Kills Colorado's Civil Union Bill You couldn't even let your child get fake married? Congratulations, you're not only a walking, talking diarrhea person, but you're in the running for America's Worst Dad to boot.

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