Thursday, May 31

What I've Been Listening To : Summer Edition

I've always been a loose R.E.M. fan, particularly around 1999 as a 13 year old girl who couldn't get enough of the Man on the Moon and Never Been Kissed soundtracks, but I never really got into the band. I heard this song somewhere, somehow recently and decided I was making a huge mistake not listening to them more.

I haven't given Blood Orange a really good listen, but this is a solid song and I can't stop playing it. Despite the zombie nightmare the state is becoming, Coastal Grooves really makes me pine for a pink sunset and palm trees.

Last summer I played "Love Plus One" about a hundred times a day. It was the first thing that popped into my mind every time I stepped up to a jukebox and was a go-to for all my mixes. This year is all about "Fantastic Day".

In middle school I was a regular on (Punk Fashion Board primarily, where young Internet trolls gathered long before there was even a name for our particular brand of assholery.) and "met" a really neat girl from Texas. She introduced me to reproductive rights, and That Dog. I'm doing this thing where I'm trying to recapture the person I was in the 7th grade and songs about cute boys and sex I never have are really helping.

I'm a little disappointed with the new Best Coast album The Only Place, but it could also be that I just haven't listened to it enough. Still and all, this first single is a really solid pop song and nice for sunny mornings.

On the other hand, I stumbled across Welcome to Condale by Summer Camp and haven't stopped being impressed. The British band has an obsession with 1980's and 1990's American popular culture which translates into really amazing pop songs. If this song doesn't hook you, try this one.

Another album in the vein of summer and youth, I've been enjoying Nothing to Do by Bleeding Knees Club. It's remarkably stupid and loud and obnoxious and it makes me want to smoke marijuana and go night swimming. Sometimes that's nice.

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HoodooVoodoo said...

Loving the last 3 songs, a lot!