Monday, June 4

Drum Circles 101

A few weeks ago I went to some kind of open mic thing and a guy showed up with his own drum and was playing along with anyone that would let him. Now if this is something you enjoy, fine, you're allowed to, but I find the sentimentality and straight up corniness of Drum Guys and Drum Circles to really suck. Maybe I didn't live in Colorado long enough, or maybe I have an allergy to tie-dye, or maybe I just don't like it because I don't and that's the bottom line. Who even knows?
Anyway, we were snarking on this guy and his drum, which I'm not proud of, but whatever, he wasn't even playing well and was clearly inebriated, and a friend stops me and says "Rhiannon, he could have gone to Juilliard." And I died laughing. And then I made this drawing.

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