Friday, June 15

Meow Face

 Last Saturday I was perusing Instagram and saw a photo of a girl wearing a really excellent cat brooch made out of polymer clay. After a quick Etsy search I found the source of the brooch. I remembered I had a lot of unused polymer clay sitting right next to me in my craft tackle box and immediately set to work making some of my own. A few hours later I had one sculpted, baked, painted, and sealed and ready to wear. It was my intent to sell them on my Etsy anyway, but after a few compliments from friends I went out and bought more clay. I've got an itch to buy even more today!
Each one is unique, which I think is most made true by the fact that I forgot to put whiskers on the green guy on the bottom. Oops. They're not listed just yet (stupid job), but I will start getting them up tonight and tomorrow. There will be new batches added periodically in the next couple weeks with more of the colors posted above as well as some new colors (I have a pink and a purple waiting, and want to do grey, mint, red and a brighter orange.) and new faces. And of course I am open to requests if you're interested but don't see your favorite color.
So keep an eye on my Etsy shop or follow me on my new public/non-shame-inducing Twitter account! for further updates about Etsy, my blog, my Instagram posts and other neat things.


Tanie said...

I love these!!

HoodooVoodoo said...

THESE ARE PURRFECT (GET IT, GET IT?). I definitely will be waiting for when you post em on your Etsy!