Sunday, June 17


Here's a bunch of stuff I've been wearing lately, including a welding mask (top right), an Aquaman zentai suit (top center) and my new pair of cheddar-colored jeans (middle right and bottom left). The other day I received more information about the class I'll be teaching next semester and it's really sinking in that I need to start cultivating a more adult personal style and get comfortable wearing things that are professional in a classroom setting but are still "me". So basically less ratty thrift store dresses and more things that qualify as a "blouse". Probably less Aquaman suit, too.

Also, I've finally listed all the kitty faces up on my Etsy!They're all brooches but I'll be adding some necklaces and barrettes in the next couple of weeks.

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HoodooVoodoo said...

i love yo style, girl