Monday, July 30


A couple weeks ago a local bar put on a dress up party/concert. The theme was "Creatures of the Night" so obviously I wanted to be Batman, but I decided to be cheap instead and just made a bone suit. The dress was an old thing from Target that'd already been hacked up a few times before. I put it on and marked where my hips and ribs were with chalk and then took it off and used a picture of a skeleton I found of Goggle for reference while I painted in the bones. The paint was just white acrylic with a textile medium mixed in. It took about 3 or 4 coats to get everything really thick and matte white, but freehand painting was much, much easier than trying to make any sort of stencil. I messed up a few times, but you can cover stuff like that up pretty easy. All the splatters you can see was just me trying to make some mistakey ones look normal.
I loved wearing this and am hoping for more opportunities to do so. Halloween is out, though, because I've already decided to be Tina Belcher. Oh, also, that's my friend Nick. He did not make his own bone suit, but I'm pretty sure he made those pants.

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