Monday, July 9

Just Can't Get Enough

My New Cat Box. One of my cats started doing this thing where their butt was positioned so perfectly while peeing that it would leak out of the space between the dome and the litter pan, resulting in gross cat urine all over the floor. This went on for a week before I flipped out and spent $40 on this Clevercat thing. I love it. There's no pee on the floor, and as a bonus they're also not kicking out litter and tracking it all over the house.  I only have to sweep twice a week now!

The Critic. I loved this show as a kid, which is ridiculous because there's no way I understood it, and since Kiah is gone I thought I'd rewatch it in my abundant spare time. It is so perfectly nerdy and great for anyone who likes movies. Some of the references are still over my head, but it's amazing. Jay's adopted dad is the best character on the show.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. Everybody's been nuts about those Lip Butters, but these are amazing. I like wearing makeup but reapplying or worrying about how it looks throughout the day, so I usually only wear a a clear balm on my lips. These things are perfect for me. I don't have to think about them for hours and they wear off really nicely so it looks natural and not like your mouth is splotchy from making out with a teenage boy. You can build up the color or wear it light, and if your lips start to feel dry you can dab on a little balm with no problems. They make it through eating and drinking and a whole shift of smiling at people and asking if they'd like a booth or a table. I have never loved a lip product as much as I love these.

1990's Softcore Hollywood Erotica. It's so cheesy and corny and weird and I loooovveeee it. Kiah and I have been watching movies together on Sundays and I've been picking from this list on my phone that has crap like Kingpin and The Cell on it. First we watched Exit to Eden, which was gloriously bad, and then we watched Indecent Proposal, which was so bad that I'm obsessed with it. Next on my list, Sirens and Striptease.

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Colorful Legs. This spring I loaded up on lots of cute pink, purple and blue tights. I haven't gotten into the patterned ones, but I am loving solid colors. For fall I want brick red, mustard and orange. Perusing end of Summer sales I've also bought some bright yellow and blue jeans. I already have purple, red and mauve, so my next colored denim choice for Fall will be green. It's been too hot for anything on the legs right now, but I am so jazzed to start wearing tights with dresses and my new jeans again.

Fish Oil Capsules. Earlier this year I had a pretty bad eczema outbreak that was the result of sleeping in sheets that were washed in something I'm allergic to. Most of the rash went away and I started to realize that what was left was probably psoriasis, something I've never had and didn't really know how to deal with. Instead of going to the doctor I just dealt with it the way I deal with eczema: avoiding soap, moisturizing and drinking lots of water. I got it broken down into just a few pinkish patches that didn't itch or hurt or anything, but still weird pink spots. About a week ago I started taking 1,000 mg of fish oil a day and already the pink spots are fading away. Additionally, my skin is super soft, clear and glowy. I've never bought into supplements and honestly I still kind of don't, but I'll be taking fish oil regularly from now on. 

Dresses That Don't Require a Brassiere. It is too God damn hot. So hot. I can't deal with life and I definitely can not deal with a bra. I mean, I never have to, it's a personal choice to wear anything and I shouldn't/don't feel obligated to wear a bra all the time. But sometimes it becomes physically uncomfortable to not have some support, and sometimes even emotionally uncomfortable when you can tell your chest is getting a little more attention than it normally does. I have two dresses that are structurally sound enough to support me as well as keep trolls from ogling too much and I am pretty much living in them. By August they will be sweat-stained rags that I have to toss out, but at least I got through another summer.

Coffee Ice Cubes. Today I put a bunch in a glass of milk with sugar and let them melt a bit, but they are truly amazing in a cup of chocolate milk. The better the chocolate milk the better the treat, but even in a glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast that is a tasty beverage.

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