Friday, July 6

More Arts, Less Farts

If you've known me for more than a minute or have read enough of this blog, you know that a large part of my life has been dedicated to making drawings and paintings. It's something I've done pretty consistently since childhood up until this last year. I think having a pen and paper in front of me for the last million years that I was in school really encouraged me artistically. Why take notes when you can draw? 
Since graduation I've done a few doodles here and there at the various jobs I've had, but I haven't really made anything or even really tried. Every now and then I'll find myself looking at art supplies and think I should go down to the river and do a landscape just for fun, or I'll see a really great painting on Tumblr and feel inspired, but nothing ever really comes out. It's been frustrating.
Last month, before I started making cats like a crazy person, I started a new sketchbook to encourage myself to draw and paint more. Here are a couple things I've posted on Instagram. Obviously it's nothing serious, but I really like these ladies, so maybe they'll end up as something more.

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