Thursday, August 16


This is a really good mix of outfits I really liked and felt great wearing (middle left, bottom left) and outfits I was too sweaty and lazy and probably also too hungover to give even half of one fuck about anything (top right, bottom right). On the top right I was camping at Lake Metigoshe; this outfit is rough but it's better than my other camping outfit which was just a mismatched bikini and hiking boots. Next to that (top center) is my best new dress! It's a Built By Wendy number that I scored for $3.50 at a thrift store. The same day I also found the skirt in the middle right picture. Dead center is me being crabby in my Totoro t-shirt, which I have a really hard time styling because the cotton is really thick and weird. Oh, and also there's a mystery stain on it :[


Stezie88 said...

You are so cute in all of your pics! It makes me really want to hang out with you...soon!

Rhiannon Admidas said...

Aw shucks Stezie!