Saturday, November 17


I've been a really bad blogger since early October. This isn't because I've been busy with school; I've also been busy with my pals and sleeping and eating and drinking a lot of vodka. So, sorry. I'll try to be better now that I'm so busy with school I probably shouldn't even be seeing my friends or sleeping or drinking vodka.
Here are some things I wore, mostly in September. Top left is my Halloween costume! I was Tina from Bob's Burgers. It was a hit! Nobody recognized me! To the immediate right of that, in the top center, is a hair cut I got last month. I loved it then, but I hate not being able to tie my hair up, so I'm growing it back out into it's natural shaggy limp mop state. Center left is some green jeans I don't wear enough because they're not tight enough (I'm slutty :c). A boy told me he liked them, though, so. Dead center is an outfit I've been repeating a lot: colored tights (they're dark green in that photo), a black t-shirt dress and a slouchy sweater or a striped t-shirt over that. Neil really wanted to cuddle when I was taking that picture so he is snuggling my face in it. To the right of that is a picture of all my best pals' feet in cute socks. Mine are the pink stripey ones.
It's super cold here now, and everything is covered in ice mostly. I'm trying my darndest to not look like a scuzzbucket, but it's super easy to slip into cowboy boots + blue jeans + giant sweater mode. Pray 4 me.

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