Monday, December 17

Just Can't Get Enough

Celeb Nude-A-Day - One of my BFFs, Katie, loves badly Photoshopped celebrity nudes. She thinks they're hilarious, and they are, but the bad ones are a special kind of funny (see above). She sends them via text every now and again, and the last time I got one we came up with the idea for a badly Photoshopped celebrity nude day-by-day calendar that also features and interesting fact for each day. And so the Celeb Nude-A-Day tumblr was born. As you can probably guess, the blog is not safe for work or anyone under the age of 18, but if you want to see a very weird side of celebrity fandom and learn some interesting history then you should probably check it out.

Wine -Winter is horrible and I don't want to go out or do anything more than sit in my house in something comfy and drink wine and watch movies. And yet I keep ending up at bars and I'm like, "I don't know, maybe I'll have a beer...maybe I'll have some whiskey...maybe I'll like vodka..." I hate all of that stuff right now. I don't want to drink a cold thing. I want to drink warm or room temperature beverages and I sure as shit don't want to wear pants, why do I keep ending up at bars?

My Humidifier - The second I turned on the heat in my house I started waking up really miserable with a sore throat and a sore nose. Instead of not doing anything about it and complaining all winter, which is my usual M.O., I bought this penguin-shaped humidifier. It's probably my favorite thing in the house. Sometimes I just sit in front of it and breath in the mist. My cats are pretty into it, too.

BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jean - I bought a pair of these in July, and it's December and they're pretty much on their last wash cycle in terms of color and wear, so they're not the best jeans I've ever had (especially when after 2 or 3 years of wear I'm finally tossing out the first pairs of Levi's 535s I bought; unfortunately Levi's cannot master a good black wash...) but when they were new, they were perfect. Perfect stretch, perfect black, simple, no stupid contrast stitching, perfect rise and they looked amazing with everything. I will always be on the lookout for a better pair of black jeans, but these did me good

Colored Tights - Let me again tell you how much winter is killing my spirit to live. It's cold, you guys, and I'm grumpy and my skin is dry and I wish I lived in the rainforest. The only thing that's kept me from falling into my usual winter uniform is cute tights. Brick red, mustard yellow and royal blue have been my most worn colors so far, but I'm looking for a nice purple, bubble gum pink and green for my next purchases. I also have these and I love them.

Classical MPR - I am really terrible at studying/grading papers and I need a perfect, uncomplicated, distraction-free environment before I even sit down to work. My house has to be clean, my hair has to be right, the moon must be aligned with Jupiter, etc. The worst thing about my study habits is that I can't listen to music with words that I understand in it. I made an okay mix on Spotify of Japanese jam bands and dream pop, but it got really boring really quickly so I started adding Japanese composers and then that turned into whatever classical music I could think of, too, and then I remembered that there are like, whole entire radio stations that only play classical music! So thanks a lot, Classical MPR. Your webstream got me through an entire semester of grad school.

Fluffy Winter Cat Coats - My kitties have gotten sooo soft and fluffy this year! Harley is especially hairy this winter and every time I rub up on her I am just ecstatic with how fluffy she is. I love putting my hands in her belly fur when I come in from the cold. Neil got really soft, but has a short coat so he gets chilly. During the day he is all up in my business trying to get snuggles, and when he's in bed with me he likes to get under the blankets or right up close. There has been a lot of cat snugglin' in this house. I'm not even mad.

elf Eyebrow Kit - This little duo is $3 and changed my life. My eyebrows have never, ever looked better. There's a little gel thingy that you do and then some powder and then you run and brush of some sort over them things and wham! You look like a Elizabeth Taylor.

The xx's cover of "Last Christmas" - Speaking of Wham, I heard this song today and have listened to it about seven times already. Probably my new favorite Christmas song.

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