Saturday, April 20

On My Brain

Here is a list of stuff that I've been thinking about lately.

-The history of guitars, especially electric guitars.
-"Mexican sushi" - a thing my husband said and now I want to make.
-One Direction, especially Harry and Louis.
-The possibility of an inherently queer nature (that is, a nature that undermines heteronormativity in some way) in artistic creation. Artistic creation can be anything from a painting to a poem to a blog post, even a book report could be considered artistic creation and so also queer by nature.
-Things I'm going to wear when I no longer have to wear at least 2 pairs of tights every day.
-Universal symbols, like numbers, and how they came to be 'universal'.
-Why my house is so dirty all the time.
-Why my house is so cold all the time.
-How people who speak English as a foreign/second language compose in English, and different ways to improve and streamline that process as a teacher of English composition.
-What it would be like to own a 3-legged dog and what I would name him and all of the clothes I would buy him. I don't care if you don't like dog clothes, I do and your opinion does not effect mine.
-Why dog clothes are so controversial. What the hell, they're dog clothes, most dogs don't even care.
-Girl rock bands and how I should have been introduced to them at a much earlier age.
-How can I introduce my teen sister to girl rock bands when mostly she just likes cute boys?
-Cute boys.
-Cute ladies.
-Bikinis and why I can't find one I like.
-What it means to be a 'whole person'.

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