Saturday, November 9

First Kiss

 Pictured: You in the last photo taken by Voyager 1.
A few weeks ago I was driving to get a haircut and caught the end of this segment on the Voyager 1 space probe from the Escape! episode of Radiolab. The show aired in winter of 2012 just as Voyager 1 was on the edge of our solar system. It is currently (as of March of 2013) believed to have actually escaped our solar system's limits and is now the first man made object to do so. It's on an interstellar mission. In thousands of years it's going to cause a lot of trouble for the crew of a Starfleet ship. Maybe.
I wanted to share it because the segment gave me chills. This telling of Voyager 1 leaving our solar system is one of the most beautiful, terrifying things I've ever listened to. I just sat in my car sobbing and feeling so small, but so special. It gets really good around 10 minutes in when Ann Druyan jumps in and describes the escape from our solar system as a first kiss.
Speaking of crying, I've been curating a special topics blog over at Tumblr about all of the crying that I do, because it is a lot. You can check it out here and cry along with me.

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