Tuesday, November 12


Sometimes I am concerned about how I'm not really cool anymore, just a weird, aging hipster who dresses like a kindergarten teacher, but then I remember that I don't really care. See above. Top left is one of my Halloween costumes: a Frankenlady. You can see my Beetlejuice to Kiah's Lydia at The Mary Sue. I learned a lot about eyeshadow this Halloween. Below that, middle left and bottom left, are some things I wore to teach. The printed cat dress from Loft on the bottom may have to be sold off, as my squat regimen means that my ass no longer fits into a non-stretch sheath. The entire middle row is a demonstration of my new found affection for mixing prints. Dots and stripes, cats and plaid, plaid and stripes. I'll admit, this is hit and miss. Cats and plaid being the main miss, but I was feeling costumey and was doing a Ghost World thing. Top right is something comfy I wore to grab dinner and a beer, and below that is a $6 embroidered neon yellow Old Navy dress I tried to dye green. The thread in the embroidery was nylon and didn't take the dye, so the dress has a scaly, lizard-like look to it. Not sure if I love it. Below that, bottom right, is Lucky's Halloween costume. He was bones. Did you know we got a dog? We did. In April. He is a rescue, definitely a Schnnauzer mix, maybe with a little Yorkshire Terrier in there, and he is missing his front left leg. We like him a lot and Neil and Harley like him okay.

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Anna Martin said...

The polka dot/stripe combo is my favorite! Such an unexpected color pairing with the pink and what looks like pale yellow with red dots. Love it! <3

Hey, thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog! I really appreciated it! Come back, any time!


- Anna