Wednesday, December 4

Just Can't Get Enough

Attack on Titan A few weeks ago Kiah mentioned wanting to get back into anime so I suggested we start Attack on Titan. The title has been popping up on the nerd blogs I read and images like the above are extremely WTF-inducing, so I've been intrigued. We tucked in for episode one and I expected to be unimpressed (I am not a fan of action shows), but was instead immediately hooked. It's set in a world where giants, called Titans, appeared and threatened to destroy humanity by eating everyone. Eventually the humans managed to build a fortress to keep the giants out and they live in relative peace until one day the Colossus Titan (taller than the walls and skinless!) appears out of thin air and kicks down one of the walls. It's a super bizarre dystopia not dissimilar to a zombie storyline and just as gory, but it's also been addictive as hell. Available on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

BDG Velvet Erin High-Rise Shorts My go-to Christmas gift is weird socks, so I had to make an Urban Outfitters order recently. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity to buy myself a present, I sorted through the sale section and found these to add to my bag. They are my new favorite thing! They're velvet so kind of fancy for a night out but not so fancy that they don't work at school, a perfect high waist and surprisingly so, so comfortable. I got them in black and have been loving them with jewel tone tights. For $20 they're perfect. I wish I'd gotten multiple pairs.

TokyoMilk I've never bought anything from TokyoMilk but have always been intrigued by the packaging. When I saw there was a clove cigarette scent in one of these TokyoMilk Dark Lip Elixirs I couldn't resist. I love it! It makes my lips so soft and the scent is lovely. I've been obsessing over all things TokyoMilk now and want to smell/buy everything.

Welcome to Night Vale After seeing some fanart on Tumblr a few months ago I decided to listen to an episode of Welcome to Night Vale. About 5 minutes in I knew I had to stop and wait for Kiah so we could listen to it together. We didn't find the time for it until we got into bed that night, but ever since then it's been our bedtime ritual. I rarely hear the end of an episode (I usually fall asleep before or around the weather report), but I like what I have heard. The podcast is sort of like A Prairie Home Companion, as it showcases the goings ons of a fictional town, but imagine if Lake Wobegone was located in the Bermuda Triangle and weird and sometimes scary stuff happened to the townspeople and also Garrison Keillor was in love with a beautiful scientist named Carlos. You can listen here. My favorite episode is "A Story About You" but, despite listening to it several times, I do not know how it ends.

Eyeshadow as Eyeliner I've gotten back into makeup again after a few years of embracing a pretty plain face. I love a winged eye, but black is pretty dramatic for someone who teaches composition and sits through literature classes most days, so I bought pot of Urban Decay's Rock Star to use instead. It's a rich purple that's dark, but not as bold as black. After a couple of months enjoying my single pot of eyeshadow, I saw that some of the smaller UD palettes were on sale so I bought Dangerous (above) and the Deluxe Shadow Box. The colors are way, way bolder than I typically am with my makeup, and yet they all make great, fairly subdued eyeliners. You wouldn't think that cobalt blue, purple, gold and dark green are daytime eye colors, but they work. Still haven't used Peace for anything, though.


Hartz DuraPlay My dog relishes destruction: if he can, he will destroy it. This is a problem because loves squeaky toys, but they never last. He pokes a hole in them or rips out the squeaker and they're done squeaking. On a whim I picked up one of these DuraPlay bones at Target a month ago and it's held up remarkably well. Instead of a hollow toy it has some kind of foam inside of it so that it won't get a hole in it like other squeaky toys. Lucky hasn't damaged it at all, and I don't see it happening ever. I know this isn't a selling point for a lot of people, but as far as I can tell it's not especially loud or obnoxious. I might not be the best to ask, though, I am really good at tuning out annoyances. And best of all, Lucky loves it. It's his second favorite toy next to a tennis ball he found in the yard.

"Chain My Name" This song at the gym basically over and over and over. I've also been repeating Katy Perry's "Birthday" quite a bit.

Trivia Kiah and I like trivia. We play bar trivia and solve the Tidbits quiz most weeks. One night out I didn't feel satisfied with the 8 question quiz, so I downloaded Quizoid on my phone and we've been pretty hooked. We flew down to visit my family in Alabama over Thanksgiving and probably killed a good 3 or 4 hours just playing trivia. I think what I've been enjoying the most is learning random stuff about the world's deepest/oldest lake, a 30 year old publishing scandal, and really old stuff I never think about. My interests are usually pretty ephemeral so being told about a lot of interesting things really briefly (and making a list of special things to Wikipedia later) appeals to me.

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