Sunday, December 22


The colder and greyer it gets, the more boring my outfits become. Top left, looking rough and tough in my sweet new denim vest - this will get more wear in the summertime when I'm drinking beer more regularly. Below that is a terrible photo of me yelling at Kiah because he is an awful photographer. We were in Alabama visiting my family for Thanksgiving. To the right are two outfits I wore to teach - not too bad, but my hair is a little ratty. Thank God I finally toughed up and cut it all off. Bottom left is me unshowered and in a top knot - pretty typical Saturday morning grocery run outfit. I'm wearing my awesome new Aliens shirt. It says "Peace Through Superior Fire Power" and has a pulse rifle on it. I am a big fan of vague in-joke nerd t-shirts. I want my next one to be a Bee and Puppycat bee sweatshirt, but it is really hard to find a decent Peter Pan collar anymore. Next to that is the first time I wore pants in about two months, but they're jeggings, so. Finally, bottom right is me today in probably the most beautiful cemetery I've ever been in. You can sort of see my haircut and my cool new super warm bear coat.

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