Wednesday, January 1


For the last few years my New Year's Resolution has always been pretty simple: Be Amazing. I think it's worked out for me.
Last year was a solid year for me by means of amazingness. I made health a real priority and did things like eat well and exercise regularly. I'd like to continue that into the new year and be even better about those things. I also made a huge change in how I handle my work/school life and found myself having a lot of days where I was caught up and not swamped with things like grading, reading, etc. I took on a pretty heavy course load for my last semester, so I'm going to really try to stay on top of that.
Of course there's plenty that can change, but instead of listing a bunch of things that I could be better at, here are some things I'm doing today to start my new year off right. If the things you do on the first day of the year affect the rest of the year, then I hope that what I'm doing today will help me achieve some goals throughout 2014.

1. Finish a book.
2. Do all of the laundry and put it away.
3. Work on my syllabus for next semester.
4. Play with my animals.
5. Watch a movie I haven't already seen.
6. Eat some kale.

Happy New Year. I drank cranberry mimosas all night, cooked bourbon steak crostini, sweet potato corn cakes and did a variant on these stuffed crescent rolls by doing balsamic carmelized onions and red bell pepper instead of jalapeno. I hope you had as good a time as I did.

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