Thursday, January 16

What I'm Listening to Right Now

I am currently playing the soundtrack to Celeste and Jesse Forever nonstop in spite of not having seen the movie. It's very chill, a little bit sad and a good mix of oldies you don't hear enough (like this gem) and sexy indie stuff (like this). I'll get around to seeing the movie once the soundtrack has run its course, but for now it's been good for both day dreamy sighs and lifting weights.

This song has been stuck in my head since I heard it, but nothing else by the artist is doing it for me. Look at that guy's hair though! He looks like he might be in Tears for Fears.

Everyone's into Haim right now and that's great. I've completely overplayed "Forever" to the point that I can't even stand it and am finally listening to the actual record and not just the singles. This one has really caught my attention. Is it pronounced "HAYM" like 'Corey Haim' or "HYM" like the way David Dye says it? I don't fucking trust David Dye.

I was playing Confess by Twin Shadow a lot around October and came back to it recently. It reminds me a lot of Future Islands, but if Future Islands made an album for gay bars and the lead singer took a lozenge. Does that even make sense? I don't know. Maybe it's the drums? I can't not hear Future Islands in there.

The first time I heard this song all I could think was "God I hope I'm this good in the sack." It's probably not even about sex, but I don't really care. It's a sexy song.

A Canadian I follow on Twitter posted this and I was like !!! It's such a good track! and the video makes me so anxious for warm weather and bike rides! Alvvays doesn't have a studio album yet, but I am hoping it will be out in time for summer. Also I kind of look like the keyboard player? I should get bangs.

Before you hit play, this video is not safe for work. There's no nudity, but it is full of really symmetrical people simulating sex. The song is so good, though, so make sure you hear it.


Diana said...

I think you'd dig this song.

Papaoutai by Stromae

Rhiannon Admidas said...

Oooh I do. Bonus: I have to teach myself some French verb tenses this month and French language music is like a study guide that isn't super boring.