Friday, June 13

30 B4 30

There's a thing where a person creates a number of goals to complete before their next birthday. The number of the goals to be completed is chosen for the age the person will be turning. For instance, I am turning 28 this year so my list of goals should be 28 items long. It's a neat idea but it's also totally insane. 28 things? You want me to do 28 things?
As usual I've decided to bend these rules, and I'm making a 30 Before 30 list 2 and a half years out. This allows me a better chance of actually completing the list and also provides me with the opportunity to include some loftier goals. Some of these I've already tackled (breakfast pizza, but it sucked, and kale chips, but some were burnt) and some I'm more excited about than others (lol squat 70lbs?? Who am I kidding?) but I think for 2.5 years the list isn't unreasonable and that's the bottom line. I'll come back to this in a few months and we'll see where I'm at. Maybe I'll finish The Odyssey this summer! (No I won't. It's been 7 years.)

1. Vacation Alone (Key West? San Louis Obispo?)
2. Figure Out Lipstick
3. Write an Amazing Resume
4. Run a 10k
5. Publish 2 Poems
6. Learn to Cook Kale Chips
7. Finish The Odyssey
8. Make a Good Breakfast Pizza
9. Bake a REAL Pie (Not Pumpkin; Homemade Crust!)
10. Have a Fenced Yard for the Dog and Cats
11. Make a Comfy Book Nook
12. Read the Toni Morrison Oeuvre
13. Go Fishing
14. Camp with Kiah
15. Get an Adult Job (At Least for a Minute)
16. Restart the Book Club
17. Go Swimming with Kiah Somewhere Cool
18. Make the house a Home
19. Grow a Shit Ton of Succulents
20. Canoe
21. Learn to Obsess Less
22. Journal More (WEEKLY)
23. Make Romance More of a Priority
24. Squat 70lbs LOL MAYBE? IS THIS CRAZY?
25. Take Some Kind of Exercise Class
26. Become a Morning Person (Talking 7 a.m. OKAY)
27. Learn to Be More Personally Body Positive
28. Give Less Shits About Other People’s Opinions of Me
29. Take the Dog to Dog School
30. Trick Family into Visiting Me & Kiah for a Major Holiday

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