Monday, July 28


It has been a trying couple of weeks full of situations and events that required courage I couldn't derive from vodka, but I won't get into it. What I want to show you are some ways I pump myself up for my Adult Lady Business (not pictured: getting swole).

Some days you have to get challenging shit done, and on those days I like to begin with a little Annette Bening positivity. "I will sell this house today" has become a catchall mantra that pumps me up for everything from tests to cleaning to working out. Recommended Outfit: nude pumps, a silk slip, brown lipstick.

I have a habit of ~letting things go~ and ~losing it~ especially on the weekends, so when I need to get myself back together I like to invoke Meryl in this scene from the seminal classic She-Devil. "I'm taking back control of my life, Bob!" is especially helpful in getting me back to the gym. Recommended Outfit: pearls, matching pink lips and nails, pastels.

The original BOS WOMN, Kelis is my patron saint of Taking Care of Business. This powerhouse hit is the perfect psych up anthem for any serious business. I especially like it for job interviews, parties where I don't know anyone, and first days but it's really good for everything from working out to child care. Be bossy. Recommended Outfit: you know exactly what to wear.

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