Thursday, January 8


Late last year I decided I should probably abandon and/or delete this blog. It felt like it had run its course. I was an adult, and I had finished my master's degree, and I needed to get serious. I see now that kind of thinking was a mistake.
I also felt like the format of this blog was really holding me back. I wanted to be more spontaneous, more asinine, because that's who I am: an obnoxious idiot. I always try to really compose the things I post here. I think about rhetoric and presentation, I think about formatting. This was also a mistake. About 7 people actually read this blog and you guys don't care about that stuff. You're just here for the action.
I spent a little time today trying to mess with the layout on a tumblr I've vaguely been keeping and I just realized it was futile. I don't like the format of tumblr, I don't like the way it's like a kinder, gentler 4chan where instead of generating your own content you curate what you find in a public filing cabinet. It's fine, and it's fun (I'm a big pinterest fan for these reasons), but it's not what I want to do with a blog. I want to make things.
I miss making things. I used to make so much stuff! I had a new skill, a legitimately new skill, every couple of months. I taught myself how to bind (albeit crappy) books! I made a Pokedex Nintendo DS case from scratch! I drew and painted all the time - you know I tried to make a drawing the other day and I hated it! It was terrible. I'm totally out of practice. Looking back at all the stuff I used to make really bums me out. I know why I stopped (graduate school) but I've got free time now because I have a real job like an adult (adults only have to work, like, 40 hours a week; there's so much time for other stuff!) and I can make stuff again. And I can write things that would be fun content for my 7 readers and I can even be asinine if I want to. I can do whatever the fuck I want. So I'm gonna. Enjoy this hilarious joke/wave of 1990's nostalgia.

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Anonymous said...

All the best for a great 2015!

Just found your blog today - I hope you enjoy writing.