Monday, May 4

Best Non-Considered UND Mascot Suggestions

The University of North Dakota is currently in the process of retiring and forgetting their old, racist ass nickname. In some bizarre act probably meant to loosely disguise the fact that they already have a new nickname chosen, they thought it would be a good idea to have the public submit suggestions for a new nickname. These suggestions culminated in 200+ pages of suggestions to be considered and 600+ pages of suggestions that will not be considered. The latter is an utterly insane document that can be summed up perfectly as “an absolute fucking shit show.” Kiah and I skimmed the list and picked out some gems, but you can peruse on your own here.

Alligators “we are green”
Bush Did 9/11
Camel Cats “is just a cool name”
Duck Butter
Grande Forks “like the towne but more elegant”
Green Beans
Jan Orvik
MORTH DAKOTA “a strong name”
Tall Strands of Grass “Teaches literacy due to long name"
Test Rob Laptop

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